Ares Toraernos

Ares Toraernos - “The Hunted”

A wordless swordsman with one hand always on his blade, perpetually ready for anything. To say his reputation precedes him would be an understatement; when he’s nearby, rooms fall silent for fear of incurring his wrath. He doesn’t follow any particular credo, nor does he have any particular cause he fights for beyond the hunting of bounties. Of course, when a man hunts, he is also hunted, and Ares is no exception, having earned a bounty on his head as well. But he’s not particularly worried about that, given the tremendous gap between his skill and that of even the next most successful bounty hunter. Try as they might, no one can ever catch Ares Toraernos.

Dela Delon

Dela Delon - “The Hunter”

An outspoken sorceress of considerable power and beauty, as well as a nearly superhuman level of tenacity. Once she sets her mind on something, she pursues it to the ends of the earth; and indeed, after learning of her master’s death at the hands of a bounty hunter named Ares, she quickly begins regarding him as public enemy number one. For five years he’s eluded her grasp, making her more and more frustrated with each passing day that he’s allowed to walk free. She is bound and determined to see him answer for his crimes, and will do whatever it takes to apprehend him – even at the cost of her own safety and well-being.